Through the Kaleidoscope: Keeping Work in Perspective

Clarity and focus. That’s what you need to set the right perspective in your work life. Your outlook has significant impact on your output. So if you don’t put yourself in the right mindset, you’re going to be all over the map. Sometimes your vision gets muddled or you get distracted by concerns that would be irrelevant in hindsight. If you could ground yourself with concrete goals, you’ll always find yourself getting back on the right track. Continue reading Through the Kaleidoscope: Keeping Work in Perspective

Accidental Careers

What do Justin Bieber and Kris Carr have in common?  A transformational event occurred in their life that led to an accidental and extremely successful career. Justin Bieber In 2007 Justin Bieber’s mom posted a video on YouTube of her son performing for a local singing competition. Although the R&B covers were originally posted for … Continue reading Accidental Careers